Stellar Tax Consulting

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Important Documents to Bring to the Meeting

Below you will find a collection of the most useful tax documents to bring with you.
These documents will facilitate and be advantageous to the accurate preparation of your taxes.

Business documents:

  • Complete, accurate, updated year-end financial statements:
    • These will include the Balance Sheet (year end),
    • the Profit and Loss (for the fiscal year),
    • a statement of Shareholder Distributions (for S-Corporations),
    • statement of Shareholder Loans (for S-Corporations) statements detailing member/partner Contributions and Withdraws (for LLC’s and partnerships),
    • list of all current year Assets purchased (date, dollar amount and description),
    • Rental Income/Expenses Worksheet Download
    • Asset Worksheet download (.xls)
    • list of all current year asset Dispositions,
  • Incorporation documents – for first time clients of Stellar Tax Consulting
    • Federal ID number,
    • Articles of Incorporation or Organization,
    • Operating Agreements,
    • S-Corporation election document,
    • By-laws,
    • Contractual agreements of any kind
  • Prior years tax return(s) multiple years if possible – first time clients of Stellar Tax Consulting

Personal documents:

  • Prior years tax returns (multiple years if possible),
  • Your Social Security numbers (for all members of the family),
  • W-2's (for employment),
  • 1099's (for subcontract work or miscellaneous items),
  • 1098’s (detailing home mortgage interest and real estate taxes or for rental interest and taxes),
  • Form 1095 - Health Insurance Report
  • Brokerage statements that might contain useful information about your investments (usually contained within form 1099 – however if you sold any assets please provide this detail),
  • Business income and expenses for sole-proprietors and single member LLC’s (see business documents listed above),
  • Rental activity information (income, expenses and purchase documents for new properties),
  • Rental Income/Expenses Worksheet Download
  • Asset Worksheet download (.xls)
  • K-1's (if you are a shareholder in a S-Corporation or a member/partnership you should receive one of these),
  • Expenses for teachers (please bring the detail),
  • Dollar amount of any HSA contributions made,
  • Moving expenses (if you moved, please provide the detail),
  • Dollar amount of any IRA contributions made,
  • Student loan interest paid,
  • List of all medical expenses,
  • List of any taxes paid (this could include real estate, auto or other registered and taxed items),
  • Mortgage interest statements (usually listed on from 1098),
  • Charitable contributions (these need to be substantiated in writing by the donee organization),
  • Detail of any expenses pertaining to a major Casualty or Theft loss,
  • List of any employee expenses (this could include any expenses necessary for your employment that are not reimbursed by your employer),
  • Prior years tax preparation fees,
  • Any gambling income or losses,
  • Dependent and daycare expenses for those with children,
  • Educational expenses (if you or one of your dependents had any educational expenses please provide the detail),
  • Dollar amount and description of any Energy efficienty improvements to your home (for tax year 2009 only),
  • Detailed information of any Solar additions (electric or water),
  • Detailed information of any small Wind energy property or Geothermal property or Fuel cell property,
    Information about special property pertaining to automobiles,
  • Adoption information (detailed),
  • Estimated tax payments
  • Any letters you have received from the IRS,
  • If you do not see an item on this list and you consider that item to be an important tax document, please bring it with you and Stellar Tax Consulting will help you make sense of it.