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Formerly GLS, Inc.

Going GreenGoing Green

Stellar Tax Consulting, Inc. is committed to “thinking globally and acting locally” to minimize our impact on the natural world. Some of the practices we follow to be good stewards of the environment are:

• Using email as our primary source of communication.
• Efiling all client tax returns.
• Client copies are emailed as a PDF file.
• Stellar Tax Consulting, Inc. does not use tax organizers, which use a lot of paper.
• Using electronic systems to process payroll liabilities and other required payments.
• Re-using office paper for draft copies.
• Shredding and recycling all used documents.
• Buying products made of recycled materials whenever possible.

Ask Stellar Tax Consulting, Inc. about tax benefits for certain “green” expenditures, as there are many credits and deductions available.